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November 18, 2009


Every once in a while, when the pressure builds, I like to slap on a blonde wig and some tarty pink lipstick, pick up my hairbrush and pretend I'm Dolly Parton singing. I even make like Dolly and write my own country songs.  I wrote one this morning that I want to share with y'all.  It's called : "Used To"

Yah, so?
You cornerned me so I'll admit
I'll just go and get off of it
and tell the truth,
I used to
love you.
Key words :USED TO.
So don't get all excited,
let your flame get re-ignited
because the key words
are "used to".
I "used to" do a lot of things
not just want your diamond ring
I used to perm my curly hair
I used to wear thong underwear
I used to believe in Santa Claus
I used to think that pigs had paws
Key words:
Used To.
I used to have some shoulder pads
I used to follow all the fads
I used to think George Michael was straight
I used to accept being underpaid
Key words:
Used To.
These days I know that I'm okay
I wouldn't have it any other way
I like being in my own space
I don't even want to punch you in the face
like I used to.
So don't get too excited
or get your flame re-ignited
While it's true
that I used to love you
the key words
Until you see me perm my hair
strut my fat ass in thong underwear
making hay with Santa Claus
putting shoes on piggy paws
it's still
Until you see some should pads
a tramp stamp or some other fad
see George Michael kiss a girl
see me give up on the world
it's still "used to."
So don't get too excited
get your flame re-ignited
because the key words
are :USED TO.