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December 18, 2013

You reach a point in life when seeing naked women becomes too easy.

You reach a point in life when seeing naked women becomes too easy. That’s especially true if you work for Girls Gone Wild. But it’s true for anyone. It could be your naked wife, girlfriend, or whatever chick you’re banging for the night. Or, you could be a lonely dude looking at porn on the Internet. Nights spent staring at a glowing screen, fooling your brain into thinking it’s real. You get tired of it and want to see something real without putting in too much effort, without facing possible rejection, so you drop by a strip club. Have at least $10 in singles with you and you’re in. Cheap and easy-peasy, but not deeply satisfying. Like after a McDonald’s meal, you’re left wanting.
Nowadays, seeing a woman naked becomes trivial. Supermodels and famous actresses alike are going topless. It gets boring because there’s no tension, no mystery, no suspense. Just a click or a $20 bill away from getting a full view.
What’s left? Has the world and our minds become so saturated with porn and repetitive lays that we simply don’t want to see tits anymore?
No. Of course not. There is hope. Men will always want to see naked women, but what matters most, what’s truly meaningful, is seeing particular girls get naked–the ones who cover up, who act professional and carry themselves with elegance, dignity and poise. They’re the ones you want but you won’t go after because you’re afraid. You’re afraid of going after what you want and getting rejected, so what do you do? You go for the easy shit. The questionable women at the bar throwing down shots and swearing like sailors. Strip clubs. Porn sites. You hit bottom and order an escort. We’ve all been there, man. And what I’m saying is that deep down you know that quick and easy stuff is never satisfying. Our true nature as men demands variety and challenges.
So what do you do? Pursue the girls you want and get into a relationship with them? That will just put you in a cycle of dependency. The hotness of the girl wanes. The more you see her, the more the mystery slips away. Her naked body becomes too familiar after the 3rd lay. 5th if she’s extremely beautiful. Even if your rotating chicks and build a harem you lose something in the controlled satisfaction, the predictability of it all. Some men look at Hugh Hefner and see a role model, an alpha male who’s achieved any man’s wildest dreams. When I look at him I see a sad old man clinging to any semblance of youth. Would I trade places with him right now to have what he has and be as old as him? Fuck no. Why? because it’s all so controlled and predictable.
If you buy this view, then the only exciting solution is to have as many passionate flings with the girls you truly want while you’re still young or at least under age 50. That hot girl you see around school or work or whatever? Get her to meet you up. Tap that. Bed her until you get bored and be honest about that boredom. Embrace it. Embrace the temporariness of the fling, and make every fuck session as passionate, raw and intense as you can. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be about the sex. Get to the point where she likes you and you know that, and you know you’ve achieved a result you wanted. Bonus points if she strips down to her panties and you take it from there. This same exact idea applies in the work you do. Do what you want, even if it seems challenging, even if there’s a chance to fail. “Rejection is better than regret”
I know, I know, easier said than done. But that’s the point. It’s supposed to be challenging, hard, and unpredictable. You’re supposed to challenge yourself, face possible failure, and grow from it. Otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels, doing the most boring easy crap while there’s a full world of adventure and excitement on the other side of the door.
Written by Ben Bien on the GGW Blog.
This article does not necessarily represent the views of Girls Gone Wild.