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June 06, 2010


I have to say that I have had two weekends in a row of some serious faith testing.  I have mentioned before that I am a wee bit psychic and by that I mean I can communicate with guides, I AM, angels via my third eye.  I usually see words or pictures and sometimes I have audio too.  With that said, I will launch into my last two weekends of faith fun!

Last weekend I had family in town from South Carolina.  I had planned for all of us to go down to the river front park area in Harbor Town for a day of shopping, dinning and relaxing on the banks of the Mississippi River.  We were all getting in the car and backing out of the drive way when it hit me that it was going to rain.  I just knew it.  I immediately asked I AM via my 3rd eye if it was going to rain and I got a "yes".  I then asked if it was going to rain downtown on the river front and I got a "no' with a picture of a sunny perfect day at the river front park so I said nothing to the people in the car and we went.  Well about half way there a torrential down pour came and I felt like the biggest idiot.  I asked again getting the same responses and chose to believe and told everyone in the car not to worry about the rain as it would be dry and sunny once we go to the river and wouldn't you know as we rounded the corner where I-55 becomes Riverside Dr there wasn't a drop to be felt, nor a cloud in the sky and we had a very lovely day.

This weekend, as in yesterday, I was really wanting to to do a little sun worshiping on my back deck as it was an unusual 80-something degree day with a nice breeze.  I kept looking outside and it would be wonderfully sunny one minute and scary dark the next.  I decided to take a shower, shave, get my swimsuit on...you men have it so easy, let me tell you.  Anywho, by the time I got finished getting ready to lay out it was very dark outside and so I asked I AM if I was going to be able to get any sun today and He said "yes" I specifically asked if I would get rained on and He said "no".  I struggled as I stood outside on my back deck looking up at the dark clouds looming above me and felt like a total idiot laying my yoga mat and towel down and bringing my radio outside.  I asked one last time and was told that "today is the Sabbath, REST."  And so I chose to believe, well partially believe.  I guess I should mention that I was told to "lay down and close my eyes".  And I did just that.  I laid there with my eyes closed, feeling the rush of what I supposed were pre-storm wind gusts.  I seriously thought this just might be God's way of getting rid of me.  Then all of a sudden a big clap of thunder scared the crap out of me and tiny drops of rain began to fall upon me.  I opened my eyes and saw extremely dark clouds and asked again if I was going to get any sun today or if it was all a big joke and I was simply told "that's why I told you to close your eyes."   Well there you have it folks, God does indeed have a sense of humor :)  Anywho, I thought I was the dumbest fool for continuing to lay there, but I did.  That thunder was the only clap of thunder I heard, those few tiny drops of rain were the only drops that fell and within twenty minutes I noticed the air around me get warmer and brighter and I opened my eyes....and I didn't see a cloud in the sky.

I think these little "faith tests" have a much bigger purpose than just trying to teach me to trust my 3rd eye.  If you notice, each of these tests occurred in a very hopeless looking situation.  I was told one thing, but what I saw was completely different.  It didn't look like there was a way out and it certainly didn't look like anything I was told had any way of coming to pass, but each of those things DID come to pass.  

This brings me to this very day and the big test I'm facing as I have been told several things about my very near future and just like the events mentioned above, I can't see any way whatsoever of these events coming to pass and everyone thinks I'm completely nuts for doing what I'm trying to do, but I have a feeling that everything is going to come to pass just as it has been told to me and for the first time in my life I am going to let go of trying to make these things happen and just believe. :)