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Powers Play with Coach Powers ArbuckleCollege Football Week 3


Hot ham and cheese! Last week we were 3-0 on picks putting us at 5-1 for the season. USC, Oregon and Virginia Tech all came through and filled our pockets with sweet sweet moolah. The Big 10, a conference only a mother could love. The Big 10 has about as much depth as a Rhode Island Hooters which means they can’t convince enough players to go there. Here is the pitch for Michigan State and Oregon (respectively):


Come to Michigan State!


Come to Oregon!

Case in point. As expected, Marcus Mariota shot up the Heisman watch list faster than you can say “Mele Kalikimaka”. Michigan getting manhandled by Notre Dame? Ohio State getting smacked around by Virginia Tech? At least Nebraska came through with a squeak out win over McNeese State. Ameer Abdullah, there’s a dude to watch. If you didn’t see his game winning reception it went something like this: X button, X button, O button, L1, R1, O button, X button, X button.


This week’s Powers Play takes us to Columbia, South Carolina for what is easily the best SEC match-up of the week. Georgia vs. South Carolina. We’ve only seen Georgia in week 1 when they bulldozed a young Clemson team. South Carolina got crushed by this year’s darling team, Texas A&M, and squeaked by ECU last week. Here at Powers Play we are big Todd Gurley fans and you can expect him to have his way with the Gamecocks defense. If the Predator and Bo Jackson from Techmo Superbowl had a son it would be Todd Gurley. This game will be close up until the coin flip and then Georgia will unleash the peach state fury on the Gamecocks. Georgia (-6) is this week’s Powers Play. Look for video game numbers from Gurley and Steve Spurrier to question if one round of golf a year at Augusta National is worth 364 days a year of coaching a continually mediocre football team. Georgia (-6). (If Florida and South Carolina both lose can we start the Spurrier back to Florida rumor?)


Texas looks really bad, like, REALLY bad. I thought I heard Charlie Strong yelling “Remember the Alamo!” late against BYU last week. Maybe he should have been yelling “Remember, aim low!” so they would have actually made a couple of tackles? UCLA comes to the lone star state this week and they haven’t looked great either. UCLA is a 7.5 point favorite at Jerry’s World in Arlington but I expect Brett Hundley and the UCLA offense to click this week. UCLA (-7.5). Oklahoma has looked more unstoppable than Mark Mangino at a Costco free sample circuit. They’re big favorites against a young Tennessee team but I expect them to cover the 20.5 points…in the first half. Oklahoma (-20.5) because sometimes it’s fun to ride a momentous team and pull for them to beat the big orange pants off their opponent. These are two finesse teams and Tennessee’s lack of depth will ensure that they won’t close the early gap while Oklahoma Sooner Schooners their way to a huge win.


- Georgia (-6) at South Carolina (Powers Play)
- UCLA (-7.5) vs. Texas
- Oklahoma (-20.5) vs. Tennessee


UCF (+10) vs. Missouri. Mizzou surprised a lot of people last week as they handled Toledo. UCF was off last week and this game is their biggest game left in the season. They lost a close one to Penn State and showed that they’ve still got a solid defense. This is noon game and I think both teams will start calculative. If you must bet this game, take the points.


USC (-17) vs. Boston College. I’d like to think that USC is as good as they’ve played and will beat BC handily but that is a LONG trip across the country to play a bruiser BC team. You have to assume USC is a little banged up after toughing it out against Stanford and this is a tough follow up game. I think the Trojans pull it out but don’t be surprised if it’s closer than everyone thinks. BC (+17)

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