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December 09, 2009


Hello friends,

There is an old adage in sports that says…sometimes it’s better to be LUCKY than GOOD. That saying held true for a few football teams this weekend. Let’s see…the Texas Longhorns, Cincinnati Bearcats, Fresno State Bulldogs, and of course the New Orleans Saints.

Wow, things are really coming together for a team when you can win games that you should have really lost. Like any good book or movie, their season is offering some of its own foreshadowing in the manner of the weather here. Friday night in southwest Louisiana, the earliest recorded snowfall in this area’s history occurred. It wasn’t significant in most places but nonetheless, it snowed on Dec 4th. It even snowed in New Orleans. You may have heard that saying that it will be a cold day in hell before the Saints win the Super Bowl. I believe next on the docket will be hell freezing over. Get ready for it.

Was it me or did Tim Tebow have something stuck in his eyes? And what was the deal with Urban Meyer needing fluids for dehydration symptoms after the game? I didn’t realize walking up and down a sideline could rob you of so many nutrients…or was it that he himself cried so much it caused some mild dehydration? If anything, I would have thought he would have shit himself, and had to get new slacks by almost being hit by that train called the Saban Express.

The BcS title game should be interesting, just think had McCoy waited another second to throw that ball out of bounds, we could have been debating which Mid Major should be playing the Crimson Tide. Oh well, you still can’t spell BCS without TCU and Boise State. The BCS is really working huh? I know they got the two teams right but what do you tell a BSU, or Cincy? Sorry Boise you beat the Pac-10 champion but you get no consideration. And Cincinnati, you all beat 4 top 20 teams, (5 if they beat Florida) but that’s not good enough to even get some love. Yep, the BCS argument is that dead horse that gets beaten year in and year out. I guess it’s going to take having all the champions from all the BCS conferences run the table so that there are at least 6 unbeatens all salivating for a chance to play for the coveted crystal ball.

In the famous words of former Saint coach Jim Mora... “What's that? Ah -- Playoffs? Don't talk about -- playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?”  BCS playoffs junkies keep dreaming…

Here are the results for our Hooters girl…this one was actually posted several months ago by our good friend WSS, again sorry about that Slant. I will make a better effort to not duplicate caps so they stay fresh. All of the submissions were brilliant and I found myself laughing my ass off at times.

By the way, after she had the baby, the titty fairy arrived in full force and she was fired for lactating on the job.

Receiving votes:

Legally, the restaurant has to post a "Baby on Broad" sign… Amy4Birds

This never happens at Cock's Wings and things…Ideeclare

They serve Baby-back ribs here....pass…Christopher7

I can't believe none of my regular customers have said anything...drwho

Where are they now: Jamie Lynn Spears…snyetha


PLACENTA CLEAN UP!!!! TABLE 4!!!...osopeludo

Is that considered a side order? (sorry)


Notice the patron in the foreground counting back to when he was last here…Keibar

He does look busted huh?


Apparently the beer isn't the only thing being "tapped"…clayjunky

She got tapped alright!

Thanks for giving me the pleasure of reading this stuff you guys and gals kick ass…next time amigos!