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June 12, 2015

Two Filipino divers went from perfect zeroes to internet heroes after the amazing video of their massive flops went viral.

After failing miserably at this week’s Southeast Asian Games, two Filipino divers went from perfect zeroes to internet heroes after the amazing video of their massive flops went viral. Of course, sports officials were not impressed and are demanding to know just went wrong and whether or not the two disrespected the time-honored sport of what is basically just jumping into a pool.

Below is an in-depth, exclusive GIF breakdown of just where everything went wrong. In short, the answer is “Nothing, because no one even cared about diving until these two sucked it up big time. So actually what they did was super trill.”

FIRST UP: John Elmerson Fabriga

What went wrong here? Upon first glance, it would seem he’s wearing the appropriate water attire and looks to be in decent shape. He knows how to jump off the board. He definitely lands in the water. All things you must do. But unfortunately, the proof is in the pudding, or the pool rather, and this is most definitely a bad dive.

Let’s get that from another angle.

Just googled it and apparently you’re supposed to go in head first, so this is even worse than we thought.

Sorry, got distracted watching this one for a bit.

Tough break on a big stage. Obviously he’s gonna be pretty bummed after a dive like that.

I’ve heard of a high dive, but a high five? What are these two up to?

NEXT UP: John David Pahoyo

Don’t know thing-one about diving, but if I were to bet, I would have assumed he, too, was good at diving. We were at an international diving event, for gosh darn sake, but again, this one is supes terrible.

Can we get that other look?

Feet first? Interesting strat.

This is actually pretty good form if you’re jumping out of an airplane. But off a diving board? Yeah, not ideal.

Once again, you have to imagine he must be SUPER bummed.

WRONG. Now they seem even more excited. What is going on?

Actually, I think I get it. These guys are just happy to be here. You know that ol’ saying, “it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game?” That’s where these guys are coming from. Because when you really break it down, diving is just jumping off a board into a giant pool of water and living to tell about it. And in that sense, they are gold medalists.

But in actual, real sense, they are still very, very bad at the sport of diving.

For those of you unable to imagine the sound of water splashing around, here’s the full video. It’s v cool and v funny. Someone should give these two their own TV show, so we can make more GIFs about them.