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November 20, 2013

Hey! Stop it! There's nothing wrong with internet dating, I'll have you know 1/3 relationships now starts online.

Name: Harriet "Hot" Tubman

A Little About Me:

I’m a freed African American woman who is FREE (pun intended) thinking, FREE loving, and FREE to hang whenever I’m not travelling.  I was born in 1820 and you KNOW I’m a 20’s BITCH.

I’m Really Good At…

Sneaking slaves north through what old white people will later call the “Underground Railroad” because “Hiding Underneath Floorboards and in Animal Pens” doesn’t sound as cute as secret choo choo trains.

Free Time?

When I’m not saving countless lives or reuniting families I like to walk fourteen miles for a pale of water, sing (although never in front of anyone), and play with my new iStick 5s which has fewer splinters and is five ounces lighter than the iStick 5.

Favorite Movies and Television Shows:


On a typical Friday Night I’m…

Usually travelling, but when I’m home I GO ALL OUT with my girlfriends collecting firewood and non-perishable nuts for the winter.  Really just living for the moment as we stack logs like there’s no tomorrow, because if you think about it…there isn’t :)

 Top 5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without:

1. The cure to pneumonia :(

2. My white BFF’s that let my friends and I crash whenever we want as long as we sleep outside and cover ourselves with sticks and foliage

3.  The inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (jk, hopefully one day though!!)

4.  My favorite dress that I wear in eveerrrryyyy photographic picture image lol, (feel free to “like” or comment via signal fire)

5.   Knowing I might be the bravest person alive

 I’m Looking For…

Someone who doesn’t mind a chatter box, or regularly walking hundreds of miles north, then back south, then north, then south again ect..  Also someone who’s okay with putting down their iStick and just getting caught up in the moment :)