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June 07, 2011

Has excietment alluded me?

ok Yea so there was no blog last monthg due to how busy i have bee with many different things but im back to unload another pile of uneatable ramblings . So what have you been doing Junior i hear the voices in my head shout well this calls for bullet points so here goes. 1.preparing for the most epic festival in the world ( if u disagree i may be forced to say "Fuck off you cunt") Download that by this time next week i shall be arriving at the site running about shouting "who is ralph". i must point out that im writing this on the first of june. 2. I have been messing about with my mixer and have got it talking to my mac 3. I have therefore been recording my material like a proper person and hope to have some songs up on the net soon 4.I have just put in all my work to mark so i can finish my aprentiship 5. I have been asked and am almost finished another two new songs ones called smothered and the other have the working title "bond" which i plan to at least have smothered up before i disappear for a week 6. i Had my cousins wedding on Friday and have my big sisters the weekend after download So all in all vie been well occupied so i guess i better give you some witty thought provoking dialogue . Instead im going to bitch …………………NORMAL SERVICE HAS NOW RESUMED Ok so as i said i am away to download festival and i am having the same problem as last year . I am void of excitement ,Now normally i don't get much excitement full stop but its always been different with download. I always got like a giddy little child on christmas eve the nights running up until we left were always filled alcohol for two reasons first of all prepare my stomach. You need to warm up especially if your like me you don't really drink and when you do its not much before your gibbering complete bullshit about how the cows in india taste like shit which is why they don't eat them and tell all the westerners their sacrade just to piss them off while lying nearly passed out on the floor. Secoundly the alcohol is needed to try and induce sleep but not with the past couple years it has been well just another day one that becomes consumed by travel,organisation and drinking of which i am not that good at any of these.Have i finally started to get accustomed to this place i call my second home .Has it become routine ? I don't know but what i do know is i have fun while am there and get to meet old and new friends i wouldn't otherwise meet.(yea i just reread that last sentence and i know its a clesie its true) So will i get my song up before download / Will i become a fully qualified butcher? Will i survive Download? Will Jamie survive download?(based on the tendencies that he is an overeager fighter when drunk about 50%of the time) Will i make it to my big sisters wedding? All this and more in the next instalment oooooooooooffffff The Life and Times of The Great Ginger God of Pies