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March 05, 2015

Conan Visits Cuba To Make Some Friends



For the last few weeks Conan has been teasing his special visit to Cuba and we finally saw it in all its glory last night.

The special includes visits to Cuban landmarks as well as trips through the every day culture of Cuba. It’s a doubly interesting special because it is both a very funny batch of Conan-talking-to-people videos, which can never not be funny, but its also an interesting and unique look at Cuba, a country which I have never really gotten a modern look at (Thanks a lot, previous generations!).

The show opens with Conan strutting through the streets and Conan stets a simple goal of meeting some friends. The opening sets the tone that this is not gonna lack in the classic American comic form, Conan-acting-goofy-and-out-of-place-everywhere-he-goes. And also: Cuban Andy!

From there we get to see drunk Conan at a Rum Museum:

To get a good look at what downtown Havana looks like, Conan goes up on a rooftop and literally just rambles on for a few minutes while looking at the very cool looking skyline and its predictably hilarious.

Next, Conan takes Spanish lessons. Ever since Late Night, Conan has always been at his best when someone is trying to get him to do something and he finds ways to not do it or otherwise bug the person trying to help.

Conan drinking rum from a box and smoking cigs on the waterfront.

The team Coco website has also posted a few outtake videos. This was a particularly good one of Conan exploring downtown Havana.

They have all the videos at TeamCoco. Overall, my only criticism of the special was coulda used more Cuban Andy.