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Published November 15, 2011

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is back in prime-time this time as a loose cannon dynamite expert partnered with old school explosive veteran Mr. T in “JTT&T&TNT”

John Larroquette is a national park ranger who beats all the odds to become the first man married in a legal bi-species union in “Dear Deer”

Richard Lewis & Ricky Gervais must pay off a huge gambling debt by becoming male prostitutes for old ladies in "Two Dicks in the Hole"

Janeane Garofalo and Mark Ruffalo are conjoined fraternal twins who moonlight as private investigators in "Garuffalo"

Margaret Cho stars as an Asian-American woman who moves back in with her parents in "What's up with my Asian parents, they do not understand my alternative lifestyle and sexual orientation and are quick to criticize these things due to them being Asian and me being Asian-American, did I mention I'm Asian-American?"

Jon Lovitz is a retired Vegas Illusionist who reluctantly takes a hot shot Street Magician under his wing played by JGL Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Lovitz or Levitt"

Teri Hatcher is a recent divorcee who unwittingly shacks up with three numbskull roommates who just happen to be part of a religious extremist group in "The Terirrists"

Paul Reiser finds himself the single parent of a rebellious teenager played by Taylor Momsen and by the way they live in a submarine! Get ready to go "Paul's Deep"

NBC's favourite son Jay Leno returns to the place he should never have been from the place he should have never returned to as a crazy mechanic who can't stop awkwardly greeting people in "The High-Fivest"