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June 23, 2011

Stories from Brooklyn and Vermont


Pete Colgan's Time Machine:  Historians will have you believe the most important invention of the 20th century was the airplane or the model-t.  Some would say antibiotics. I believe the most revolutionary invention of the previous century was Pete Colgan's Time Machine.  Vermont's native son, Colgan, first introduced this marvel of modern science to bewildered onlookers, probably near Lye Brook or the Bat Caves, sometime between 1997-99.  Dates and locations vary, depending on who you ask and how much drugs they were doing at the time.

  It's a shame I never got to experience time travel.  You can tell by my name, the Time Machine, I have a deep affinity for the sci-fi genre and all it has to offer.  I haven't seen Mr. Colgan in some time, but can only hope that he has already read this post several days, weeks, or years from now in the future.  As I type this, I reach out to you to return to June 18, 2011 4:57 P.M. at 397 Bromley Brook Road, Manchester, VT, and tell me all of the wondrous things the future has to offer.

  If you're time travel capabilities have been hindered and you are trapped somewhere in time, keep hope alive, I will find you.  Perhaps I will meet you for tea with Winston Churchill, or we can sign the Magna Carta together, or maybe sit elbow to elbow as decorated Knights of the Round Table.  I will introduce a new weekly segment titled "Time Machine's Time Machine" to communicate with future Pete Colgan to let him know we haven't forgotten you out there.  Be safe my good man.  


The Williamsburg Station Wagon Oldies Guy:  His name is Anthony Delia and he drives around Bedford Avenue on the weekend and blasts oldies from his Suburu (sounds like the perfect weekend right?).  Shouldn't his car be relevant to the time period of the music he's incessantly jamming down our throats?  Dress it up a bit and get a Cadillac or an old Mustang, not a turn of the century Japanese car.  That's like me rolling down the streets of Bed-Stuy on a Segue blasting New Age music, while wearing a Revolutionary War era red coat.  I can best sum up my feelings for this guy with my good friend and colleague, Tommy Kearns astute observation.  Tommy said, "You make me hate the oldies. Stop it!"  Well said Tommy.  Now the rest of Brooklyn needs to stand up to this atrocity of epic proportions and demand action.