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October 31, 2010

my opions on myself and the bbc

Hello again its that time of the month again and surprisingly nothing much has happened as always i became an uncle again but im useless with babies im only just getting close to my niece who is turning 3 last month.

so there is a few more videos up on my youtube page www.youtube.com/juniorbriandunn 4 to be precise there are those burning kerrang videos which ollie helped out with and went from a concept to on the net in around two hours hence why they aint really edited we just chopped the end parts off.

There is also a couple new songs which are Emo and Proud to be Emo so check them out but watch emo first as proud to be emo is a response to that. And a new prototype Iphone called the GoogleyIPhone. And a ruff improv video of the monkeys in the diy walk on the wildside  videos.

Just a little thing that if you follow me on twitter you will already know about but i was walking back to my work after my lunch the other day and i heard some high school kids walking back to school talking and the only words i heard were "And the dog shat in the kettle" Yes i hear you go WTF and to be honest i have as many questions as you do for example what were they talking about that brought them onto the subject of a dog shitting in a kettle? ,What was the dog thinking ? had it been punished for something and wanted to get his own back ? and the biggest question of all.How the fuck did it manage to shit in a kettle the only way i think is that has brilliant sphincter muscles and emasculate aiming. 

Now that the shameless self promotion is out of the way  i can tackle a subject which all people in Britain should be aware off if not have quite a view on . I do understand that the people that read my blog like yourself you smart intellectual, highly intelligent person reading the blog of a person who spends most of his life being grumpy and moaning . < Did you see what i done there ?………….. Did you ? . Anyway the subject is the bbc and the licence fee and i know my opinions will properly disagree with yourself but as a person who pays the licence namely threw digs which i pay my mum as i cant move out but thats another  story . So here they are in my little blog in my tiny corner of the internet.

Now to me the BBC is a brilliant highly regarded media outlet with thousands of highly interesting web pages and thousands of factual and entertainment programmes both tv and radio . But not just that but are regarded as the best place for news and the most unbiased source in the world and for that alone it deserves the highest accolades. Were would we be without the bbc well if you have ever been to america or seen american tv you will properly understand what am talking about. For example with the bbc you have generally have programme lengths of 30 minutes and 59 minutes long were as in the states you will have programme lengths of 20 minutes and 40 minutes that means that in an hour you have 20 minutes of interrupted viewing watching the same ads normally over and over.Did you know that ! This is something the bbc never do the only thing they will advertise is there own programmes unless someone has been booked to specifically plug which you will find more on the radio.

Now im not going to pretend that everything is fandabbydosie its not but as the genus Mitch Benn sung (If you have no idea who he his he is a comedian and wrote this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3q2iZuU5WM) It's not to slick but it was never suppose to be. Some people will say that the 145 odd quid a year is a rip off well thats what you would generally pay for sky which i know is mainly filled with complete shit i know this because i have sky my mum has worked there for over a decade so we get it all for free and you know what i want paid to watch it because its that shit . And lets not forget its owned by the devil company News corps which is run by Lucifer himself Ruppert Murdoch. So i believe were getting our moneys worth .

The part that does grind me down a bit is the wages of some of the stars are over the top ,well lets be honest if the recession had never happened it might have been someone like Jonathan Ross doing the Sachsgate 

then getting more money from the bbc and given a new 5year contract and not Rooney doing it. But thats were its different the BBC have a moral look what happened when Adrian Chilles and Cristina Bleakly moved to itv day break , Its flopped under half a million people watch it which sounds a lot but not in the world of tv viewing figures .Its got less viewers than bbc breakfast and if you've seen that it reminds you every second that you really should just go back to bed and that its that or the hoobs .But we have shunned them out ,they were the king and queen of the one show and they threw that away and have paid the consequences. Also the dealings with the bbc and comedy is synominse Throughout its broadcasting history the BBc has produced some of the best comedies in History But recently i believe that this isn't quite the case im not saying that they don't produce good comedies but ask yourself would Faulty Towers get commissioned now ? Highly unlikely i would actually go as far to say it would be impossible for it to be commissioned on the bbc these days and the problem is people who believe they need to like everything on the bbc to justify the licence fee and thats just rubbish.Im pretty sure vie explained this before in a previous blog for example i hate strictly come dancing and that sort of show but understand there is a very big audience out thereto that do want to watch it . Im not going out and writing complaints to the bbc how i've been afended  by the sight of Anton Dubect dragging Ann Widicomb across the floor like he's just killed a giant fat deer and is dragging it back to his cave and why not because i just don't watch them. 

But what people don't realise is the bbc do show much to create and nurture new talent threw paid apprenticeships in anything from presenting to doing make up and special effects .Not to mention they are still a pioneer in media technology just recently the bbc filmed in a new super high definition (No im not taking the piss heres the link to the story and vid http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/9045240.stm) 

So my conclusion is other than a little sorting out of wages and some more edgy comedy the bbc is near enough perfect ,it will never be perfect but we have a good deal and all these budget cuts that are going to happen aint going to be pretty .

So i hope this big blog and a shit load of videos makes up for the missed blog and my excuse for that is ./.…well i was doing all theta other shit for you wasn't i !!!! But normal service will return as of now. I also have a week of normal everyday work which i shall use to do this other kind of work like the vids and stuff and write tunes  and generally the things that no one could say was actually work.

So anyhow enjoy halloween or the proper name for it Samhian  so catch ya 

Junior the ginger pie