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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
The Low Down ( Mr. Andrew Maxwell ( Christopher Masterson ) and his Wife Mrs. Betty Lee Maxwell (Mindy Castellanos ) work together as independent private eyes back in the late 1940's. You see Betty and Andy with both an only child to banker dads and stay at home moms you see. Anyways they meet back in high school in the N.Y.C. area an they ending up dated for a little back in them days a. But after high school they broke up an Andy became a cop in N.Y.C. but ending up in the a Army fighting in WWII for a few years always keeping in contact with Betty by letter yeah see. An after the war Andy came home an ran into Betty again at a dinner an they hit it off again big time. You see at that time Betty was going through a divorce with Andy childhood best friend Levi Parker the mail man because she can't have kids and she never gave up on Andy on top of that. An well if your going to be a stay at home wife back in them day you better birth some kids you dig. Anywho Andy and Betty starting dating again in 1946 and where married by 1947 as true lovers forever linked as soul mates. But it was hard times for the two of them because Mr. Andrew Maxell couldn't get his job back a cop and he couldn't hold down any kind of job for long because of war flash back and sucks. So in 1948 Mr. Andrew Maxwell and his Wife Mrs. Bettey Maxwell started up their own Private Eye innovation company called The Lookout here in the N.Y.C. area and together Mr. and Mrs Maxwell team up together as private eyes working any and all cases because they need the money and both just loving living life on the edge you see kid O. Because busting crime pays their champs. An no matter what happens they can make it through together forever as hubby and wife in love together always and forever. An so this show i call The Low Down is a dark romantic comedy with lots of mystery and drama in the mix with that classic warm hearted feeling that will keep you hooked for live. Now that is a AMC show and if i do say so myself an if we could get the makers of Mad Men to make this show that be pimp um k there buddy ! Just say ! Just say ! AMC ! An i'll even give you the first episode buddy ! So Mrs. Candis Newman ( Tea Leoni ) hires Andy and Betty to track down Miss. Leann Helmsley ( Frankie Stone ) the women her husband the bar owner Neal Newman ( Ted Mcginley ) was cheating on her with that "killed him with a shot to head in a motel room" but it turns out that Candis Newman was the one who killed Neal Newman and tried to frame Leann Helmsley for the murder of her hubby Neal Newman a. The cops can't figure out anything about this case but Mr. and Mrs Maxwell are going to crack this case wide open baby ! Because they are just that dang good yeah see ! This show will make new stars. Because this idea is big time honey ! SO LETS DO THIS ! )