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Dmitri W. Degodiouk

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March 13, 2011

Emergency HUman Rights Alert For Northern Siberia in Russia !!!

We have a representative in Novosibirsk Russia. His contact information can be found either on our main website or seen below:

Dmitri W. Degodiouk
Linejnaja Street, 31 - 201;
Novosibirsk - 49,
Russia, 630049
The telephone +7(3832) 903913
E-mail: ataman@mailru.com

Dmitri is my friend as well as being a former employee of the Russian communist government. Last we spoke, he sadly explained to me of the severe poverty levels presently existing in Siberia Russia which he informs me reaches unprecedented proportions. And as such, is causing sizable numbers of women in Siberia to become pregnant, give birth to their newborn children, and then sell them live almost immediately to organized crime to kill and sell for their newborn body parts.

It is my hope that my own country, the United States of America will genuinely assist Russia in economic development of their natural resources, and also in monetary contributions as to help Russia construct a viable financial framework preventing these unfortunately desperate women in Northern Siberia from undertaking such horrendous measures owing to their own poverty.

Jill Starr (Law Projects Center - New York Branch Office)