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April 04, 2010



Hi everyone, well it's a holiday - whichs means it's time for a good old Pros and Cons list. Enjoy!

Pros and Cons: Easter!

Con: Eggs
Real, actual eggs. Sure they’re good, hard boiled eggs are great actually - but in the context of an Easter egg hunt - you’re out for two things and two things only - eggs filled with candy and eggs filled with money. Sorry, hard boiled eggs - you’d be a ‘pro’ on a random Tuesday. But today, you're the #1 con.

Pro: It’s the long ‘holiday stretch’
Which means knowing that after Easter you don't have to have to see your family until July 4th (or not until Thanksgiving if you ain't 'Merican)

Con: Easter dinner
Yeah it’s definitely good, but it's not the staple of the holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, so, yeah you get ham - but Aunt Lee isn’t gonna put as much thought into it like she does at Christmas.

Pro/Con: Peeps
I put this as both a pro and con because it seems that people are 50/50 divided on them. Some people think they are disgusting and others thing they are delicious (despite how disgusting they are).

Pro: Watching little kids find eggs
That way you know who the slowest one is - that’s the one you want to steal your eggs from.

They have nothing to do with Easter – but man those guys rock!

Pro: Cadbury eggs
What God should have made instead of real eggs.

Oh man, when you are at a fast paced egg hunt and you pick up one up that has a metallic ring to it - you pop it open and QUARTERS?!!?! WTF! Pro!

When you find an egg that doesn’t have a metallic ring to it, but open it later to find it's a dollar bill! That’s what Easter is all about.

So, it looks like Easter gets a good solid thumbs up from us – just remember to take a moment to really think about the meaning of the holiday – Cadbury Eggs.

Happy Easter from BBC!