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Marshall Law has become the new law of the land all over the world just after WW3 has ended that lead to a now one world goverment that rules over us all. Untill now where one man Rod Godwin (PLAYED BY Edge.) Who will be the man that steps up and takes on the roll of being the head of the underworld. (Rod Godwin was in the one world goverment as leader's right hand man during WW3 around the time of his alleged death.) They will try to rise up against all the odds to try and stop the one world goverment in there attempt of total world domination. The underworld people will try to make things right by fighting for human rights and the fight to turn things back to as they where before WW3 but this time much better for all the people of the earth. Where we all can live together in peace love and harmony. With out Starvation and the constant fear of homlessness and deadly Violence. Can it be done? or will the NWO rule all forever and always. (the leader of the One world goverment will be Jenniger Love Hewitt.) 

"Thats my dream cast anyways but i take what i can get." 


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