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March 09, 2010


The above image is a shot of my grandparents' home, which I've inherited.  It used to be on a property over 200 acres, but due to many issues (mainly of a financial nature), I had to sell off most of it, including my parents home, which I grew up in.  Just couldn't bear to part with all of it, so we kept my grandparents home, and about 30 acres, or so.

Did I get rich off it?  Not by a long shot.  A sizable chunk went to paying off credit card debt (so much, I'm embarrassed to say) and the rest went to buy the home we're currently living in.   So, no mortgage payments (good thing), but I'm the only who's working now, and I work in the government sector (bad thing).  So, things could be worse, but they could be better. 

In case you haven't noticed, not much in the way of humor yet.  Not trying to be funny, just giving you a snapshot into my little life, in case you're interested.   And probably about 5 or 6 of you might have a slight interest in ol' bubs. 

Anyhow, we plan on moving back there once I retire, and the kid is on her own.  I'm gonna push her towards law school.  She sure can argue like one, so why not?  So, in my golden years, I'm looking forward to being a country gentleman.  And, if you've read one of my previous blogs, a boatbuilder.  I hope to convert the barn (pictured below, on the right)

into a boatbuilding shop.  No, there are no large bodies of water nearby; a couple of ponds, but that's about it.  Could be a problem.

For now, it's our little weekend getaway.  Damn, it's so peaceful out there, it's hard to leave.  If you don't live in the country, you don't know what you're missing.  Plenty of woods to roam around in (hmmmm, maybe a Jeffer-style vid in the future?)  There's no TV, no phone, and no computer (no FOD?!  aaagghgh!!!).  And it's pure paradise when we can go.  I'm counting the days, until I can be out there 24/7.  Ahhhhhh....(staring off into space, dreamy look in my eyes...)