It's the weekend. What are you going to do…not click on these links?

  • Louis CK's been detailing how he made the second season of Louie. Very interesting stuff happening over here. Here's the one that includes the Dane Cook episode. - AV Club
  • Jon Stewart does the same. But replace Louie with The Daily Show. And Dane Cook with Donald Trump - HuffPost Comedy
  • 20 Pics that Prove Nic Cage is a Vampire - Best Week Ever
  • Wanna know how to figure out who's unfriended you on Facebook? Great. You should. - Buzzfeed
  • Awesome people hanging out with Chevy Chase. - Uproxx
  • Let's just milk Sheen again while we have him. Here are 7 movies that should've starred Sheen. Some dynamite photshopping here. - NextMovie
  • Aaaand here's an in depth interview with Dan Harmon, genius behind Community. - Wired