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June 22, 2010


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WAW! WestSideSlant performed at The Comedy Store last night (hope it goes well considering I'm writing this article a week before the gig)  Nonetheless, be ready to be the butt of his jokes in his future performances ~ pick them! pick them!

On another note . . . with the help of yours truly, Paul decided to keep "Beat Late Night to the Punchline" . . . for rules and minutiae go to:  http://www.funnyordie.com/blog/posts/35805 
The first BEAT LATE NIGHT TO THE PUNCHLINE was a success ~ Congratulations to the winners!

I also want to inform you that Web Advice Wednesday with Spydergirl will only be posted here on my blog.  I would like to take this time to THANK WSS for this writing opportunity.  And I want to THANK everyone for their continued support.

Without further ado, let's start with this edition of Web Advice Wednesday with Spydergirl . . . the show must go on 

Our first question came from

Why do so many people vote Republican?

I voted for the intelligent fuglies!

Was there a second shooter behind the grassy knoll? And, if so, who was it?

There are many theories behind JFK's assasination.  Some believed that the killer was caught ~ Harvey Lee Oswald.  Some belief was there was a second shooter at the grassy knoll . . .  

Looking at the photograph above, I can see where a second shooter may be hiding in the grassy knoll . . . I can also see where a U.F.O. may be hiding over the trees. 

I've also read some conspiracy theory that involves the secret society of Skull and Bones.  And somehow George H. W. Bush was involved in the scheme. 

Regardless of what theories our experts devise; on November 22, 1963, the world lost one of it's greatest man; John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Moving on . . .

Let's save the phytoplanktons by HAIR POWER ~ I have posted a blog about "Helping Hair"  ( http://www.funnyordie.com/blog/posts/35801 )  There were some comments that I would like to address . . .

Surely there must be a synthetic material that does a better job of this?

The organization that promotes the effort of collecting hair for cleaning up oil spill is called the Matter of Trust l http://matteroftrust.org )  This organization's mission statement reads: "Our ecological public charity concentrates on man-made surplus, natural surplus and eco-education"

To Rotwang's question whether there is a synthetic material that can do a better job than the 'natural surplus' of hair trimmings . . . the answer is ~Yes, there is.  I'm sure this has been explored by the research and development department of other organizations. 

I am going to venture to say that collecting hair trimmings and assembling them into natural fiber booms are a lot CHEAPER and FASTER.  The eco-system around the disaster area cannot wait for the synthetic fiber to be manufuctured . . . they need help NOW. 

But I'm not saying that no one should start producing the needed synthetic fibers.  Maybe this should be one of the project that the President should talk about to the BP's adminstration.

Does dog hair work? How about cat hair? Horse hair? I think this is the beginning of the end, the Mayans knew what's up.

Yes Clay.  Big dogs . . . little dogs . . . blue dogs . . . red dogs . . . even Mayan dogs ~ they can all donate their furs to this organization.  Alpacas, cats, horses and abominable snowman are also welcome to the party up the tree!

Here are a few photos from Matter of Trust website:

Orange Beach, Florida - booms made out of hair, fur, fleece & feathers

Alabama - oiled boom

Donated booms

That's another edition of Web Advice Wednesday with Spydergirl.  Until next time . . . remember, the only VICE that you can never have too much of is ADVICE!