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June 28, 2009


The main criteria for assessment of the most important pearl, is from the inside light it revealed, for the pearls add a layer of mystery, making it even more vitality, moving inviting. Of cultured pearls, the gloss is a clear assessment of the quality, because only through multi-layered beads pearl nuclear secretions can be wrapped in heavy bloom dispatched people glory. Several aspects need to consider when judging the quality of pearls
Pearl color choice is personal taste preferences, of course, of which color to pink, white, pale gold and so on, or popular because of their rare and unique market value, but basically the color of the pearl quality evaluation is not important appearance.. handmade jewelry
In general the shape of a perfect pearl is more elegant form of graphics or droplet-shaped, but the same token, the shape of choice is personal preference, the evaluation of pearl quality are largely dependent on the form rather than complete.
In principle, the fewer potholes and the surface of the pearl dot, the higher its value, but generally expensive, even if the value of the pearls are more or less small flaws on the surface shelter, so perfect one is very rare.
In general, the greater the pearl is, the higher the value. But some deformation pearls are excluded. For those who choose pearl jewelry, the volume should go with the face of the wearer and the body shape.
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