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August 13, 2009


I found this poem that I know I wrote after an episode of Ally McBeal. It was totally the one when Ally's ex-boyfriend/current law practice partner/true love dies. Do you guys remember that episode? Well, here's a poem dedicated to it:

A soul passed through heaven's door
To conclude his world's visit.
Supposedly to learn more
Of what made his life exquisite.
He tore off his life's costume
And inhaled some simple and pure feeling.
Originally covered by the liar's perfume,
While honesty wove the soul's healing.
This soul finally rode a cloud,
While these familiar feelings arose.
During his dreams they were loud,
Yet during reality they were closed.
Often he looks back at his home
To never leave his soul mate alone.

Holy shit, this isn't just a poem, my friends. It's a motherfucking sonnet.

Have a brilliant weekend.