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February 22, 2012

A new Facebook app, ifidie, allows you to post your final status update from BEYOND THE GRAVE. Last words from many of your favorite famous faces!



There's a new Facebook app that lets you post your final status update from BEYOND THE GRAVE. Seriously! Check it out: http://ifidie.net/

Anyways, here's a sample of some of the last words you might hear from your favorite faces of cinema. 


Patrick Swayze

I really hope my good friend Carl takes care of my wife. It would be very disappointing if I learned that he was a back-stabbing con artist who was only my friend for the sake of a money laundering scheme and was in league with the guy who killed me! If this happens I am going to have to befriend a fraudulent fortune-teller and make her realize she actually can hear me and get her to help me do some stuff. Anyways, Molly, my love, cheer up, we’ll do pottery one day.


Bruce Willis

I was actually dead this whole time. 



When we die, we become the grass. So I hold no regrets. I look forward to my son being a great king like me one day – it’s the circle of life. Gonna visit him in a cloud formation. Although, my brother was kind of a dick to me and pushed me of a cliff, hope he gets what’s coming to him, also Patrick I hope you know that oracle lady that supposedly helped you so much voiced one of the hyenas who conspired to kill me. Just pick your company carefully is all I’m saying.



Whew! Dead I am now. 900 years of age! Ride it’s been, what it has. Fear not, for death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Luke, hooked up with your sister you did.


Gandalf the Grey

Psych! I’ll be back soon. With laundry-fresh new robes. Ye ye say whut!


Bella Swan 

I’m dead now. Edward bit me. I feel so ... the same.


Enrique Iglesias

I’m dead now. Would YOU die for the one you loved? C’mon, would YOU? WOULD YOU? I can be your hero, baby, I can take away the pain. C’mon. Please?


Hans Gruber

The guy who pushed me off a building was actually a ghost the whole time! Humiliating.


King Kong

They said it was beauty killed the beast, not the airplanes, but I DON’T KNOW LET’S SEE HOW YOU FEEL WHEN A GODDMAN FIGHTER JET SHANKS YOU IN THE BACK CAUSING YOU TO FALL THE HEIGHT OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. Good luck cremating an 8,000 pound body, poachers! GRUNT GRUNT GRUNT.


College Kid Visiting An Abandoned Cabin For The Weekend

Well, I probably shoulda seen that coming.