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November 29, 2009


Dear FOD friends,

I just uploaded an audio series I'm calling, "The Reason for the Season?" It is a short collection of prank phone calls I made back in 1997 to folks who were selling that particular year's "It" toy for Christmas: "The Sing and Snore Ernie."
Two things strike me as I write this.
The first is that the twelve years since I recorded them have passed like they were nothing,
and second,  I just referred to these prank calls as an "audio series." HA!
"Random House Audio is proud to present..."

I hope your discerning ears find them acceptable, and at best, they make you smile.
Especially those of you who are willing to do the unmentionable just to see those little faces light up with joy come Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays,

Fissure Films