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February 09, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #12

Introducing the BIBLEWAY RADIO CHOIR OF BROOKLYN, N.Y. in their album "Get On Board"
14. If I was in a train crash my sheet would be more soiled
13. Featuring "The Last Train to Harpsville!"
12. I'm still waiting for an angel to enter my caboose.
11. Skydiving theme-getaways are getting weirder.
Who killed all the Flying Elvises?
10. Grab your Nikes and redeem your ticket at Heavens Gate #12.
9. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" it takes that many angels to save it.
8. Boy, that darkey's gonna be pissed when they make him sit in the back of the car!
(i know, i know...i'm riding the express to hell...)
7. Rapture Transit.
6. If I don't get a seat, I want off. I am not standing all the way to Heaven.
5. ??? “ ... And she’s ri-i-ding a Bibleway ... to Brooklyn ... . ” ???
4. Surprise !!! Destination: Auschwitz.
3. This is Brooklyn, Motherfucker! Get on board or you'll have an "accident".
2. "Would everyone please turn to the book of Pelham 1:23"

1. Here comes the tunnel!