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April 30, 2008


I reminded myself of my first outing to see Fellowship of the Ring , man, in that analogy in that post about the Pineapple Express movie.

So my kid and I are sitting in the theater like a week after it came out. I always wait for buzz on movies like that because I actually read those books a lot as a kid - and I mean over and over and stood in line to see that Bashki pile of stinking poo that came out not too long after the cute but, let's face it, cartoonish Rankin and Bass, The Hobbit , came out so I have invested YEARS of my imagination to stoner shit like that and Dungeons and Dragons. Fuck World of Warcraft - you aren't a REAL FANTASY GEEK unless you have had your same name in D&D for over 20 years, amigos. Yeah, I know WoW isn't that old but screw you young punks - it's like James Franco and the Green Screen man - things are coming at you when you play D&D but you got see it in your HEAD not some video that some Japanese dude who sleeps in a coffin sized cube with a tv in the ceiling coded for your viewing pleasure.

Anyhoo - so we're sitting there, right? and first I saw that stupid car go up the hill in the scene with Frodo and Sam in the background - all these stoners who went to see it like fifty times over the weekend told me about it at work when I said I was going, so YEAH I SAW THE CAR PETER JACKSON - deny it in the DVD commentary all you want CGI MAN!

So anyway, remember that scene when Frodo has been stabbed by the Morgul Blade of the Witch King and Arwen rushes him to Rivendell to be healed?

So then Frodo starts to come to and I see this face come out of the mist. I am freaking out man! To me it looks like my one of my favorite Psychedelic rock guitar players so I say out loud unintentionally because I am so freaking surprisedv- STEVE HOWE! You remember Steve Howe, right? Guitarist for YES and Asia (the Supergroup of the Early 80's according to MTv [as an aside this was when MTv was still REALLY COOL- when they showed videos all the time and frankly didn't have enough to fill all their air space so they had to show this like twenty-minute segment of the moon and craters blowing up and shit like that with that guitar riff - da da da dadadada  dadadada and JJ Jackson and Nina Blackwood and that mullet guy and mullet girl and Mark Goodman...] riiiight....hmmm) where was I - oh yeah Steve Howe...

so when I see Hugo Weaving looking down at Frodo in the fuzzy cloud and said Steve Howe sort of loud and unintentionally, this patchouli smelling hippie wearing a tye dye sitting just in back and behind me giggles his ass off.

I knew then that he had seen that movie at least fifty over the weekend and was a pot smoking D&D player who probably watched early MTv and ate fruit soaked in Everclear at Frat Parties.

The End