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August 01, 2014

1.Awesome entry-level job for young professionals at an office relevant to your field. Must have at least 3-5 years senior management experience. 2.Job you're overqualified for with low pay that you apply to anyway, but you get rejected in minutes because the competition is too fierce and we’re all broke. 3.Start-up looking to ramp-up into a new chapter for our company aka run away we have no money. 4.Vaguely fulfilling sounding position which is actually a front for a stranger to identity thief you out of money you don’t have. 5.Student director pretending to be a production company. Gets offended and accuses you of not being ‘serious’ if you don’t want to travel three hours out to Long Island for an interview, or if you want to get paid. 6. Low pay production company gig with insane hours. We want a happy go-getter, who is all energy but also calm, serious and really knows how to put their nose to the grindstone. Dual personality and no regard of human needs like eating, sleeping, pooping and love is a must. Send us your resume, a heartfelt cover letter, your reel, a video of you pleading for this job, and a vial of blood. Salary determined by experience/the weather/our bar tab last night. No fatties. 7.Sketchy company with a dodgy website that is actually just one guy working out of a storage unit. 8. A job at a company you respect, but in a department you know nothing about. 9.You think this is an entry-level position in entertainment. Then you realize you’ve actually just applied to be a maid and/or barista. You will probably be happier for it. 10.Great sounding position, relevant to your interests, cool job description...gotcha! This is an unpaid internship hahaha!

The Ten Types of Film and Television Job Postings on the Internet