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Published: May 20, 2009
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With just one month left in his prison sentence, Michael Vick must endure his last thirty days under house arrest. We know what that means: tons and tons of tv watching. Here are the Top 10 tv shows Vick is most likely to watch:

10) "Dog Bounty Hunter."

9) "Joe Millionaire." Maybe Vick could go on a dating show in order to help pay back his debt. Wasn't that Joe also a construction worker?

8) "Eastbound&Down."

7) "The Dog Whisperer." You must learn how to talk to them.

6) "Extreme Home Makeover."

5) "Intervention."

4) "From G's to Gents."

3) Whatever's playing on "Friday Night Fights."

2) "Prison Break." If it's the series finale (did that actually finally happen?), just DVR it and play it over. And over. And over.

1) The movie "Must Love Dogs."

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