Ready 2 Rumble 3D 
( Rated R ) 
Two middle aged slacker wrestling fans Gordie Boggs ( David Arquette ) & Sean Dawkins ( Scott Caan ) are devastated by the ousting of their favorite character by an unscrupulous promoter. Are two dimwit sewage workers watch their hero, T.N.A. wrestler Christina Cage ( William Jason "Jay" Reso ) , get screwed out of the World title and his job by wrestler Bill Goldberg ( Himself )  by the evil T.N.A. owner Titus Sinclair ( Joe Pantoliano ) . So Gordie Boggs & Sean Dawkins , they once again embark on a quest to help their new hero Christina Cage win his job back , his world title - and honor - back by wining a last man standing Steel Cage Match with his career \ Life on the line Vs the Heel Bill Goldberg @ the T.N.A. Lockdown P.P.V. Features cameos by lots of T.N.A. wrestlers. Done in a rated R comedy way this time around for the people who loved the first movie that are adults now these days who will buy the movie and go see in Theaters. So grab your weed and beers an Lets get ready to rumble ! ) 

" Shot in Orlando FL @ Universal Studios. "

Side-note : Trust me Universal you already have the ties with T.N.A. in Orlando and you know Ready to Rumble is a cult classic , so you know the fan-base for the movie is their for a second one so lets make it happen for the love of God ! Please for me mates ! An with real wrestlers in the movie playing the parts the action will be 5 star classic !