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The Kardashians ( All of them even the younger half sisters and there mother ! O YEAH ! i hope you all get a big fat long and hard harry black d*cks jammed up your butts so hard that you die from internal bleeding. Get off my f*cking t.v and out of my world because you all make me sick ! So f*ck off ! You all can chock to death on my little white c*ck ! Burn in H*ll b*tches ! BURN in H#LL ! )

Tila Tequila ( You are the biggest dumba*s piece of sh*t of all times ! Every word that comes out your c*ck suckers makes the world a dumber place and makes baby cry and suicide a worth wild thing to do you nasty skank a*s scum bag HO ! F*CK OFF ! FOREVER and a DAY ! An if i ever see you in person am going to become the next jack the ripper you turd ! An that goes for you Kardashian women as well a ! )

Ashtom Kutcher ( Everthing about you is broing. You can't act to save your life and your not one bit funny at all ! So go back to f*ckin old ladies and stay off my t.v and out of my movies you d*ck lick ! )

Hulk Hogan ( You are the most Cheese E man in the world so just give it up and put at gun in your mouth and end it, the world will be a better place. Hey brother you bum dude ! Just die off like all your old friends did already Hulk ! )

Jacob Paul Stetar ( aka Jake Stetar aka me. i suck at life you have no friends no women will ever let you f*ck her and you a dumbass. But it's ok people beacuse am slowly killing myself with drugs and alcohol because i know am a worthless fat loser who needs to f*ck off as in now.  F*CK MY LiFE ! )


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