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January 14, 2010


Internal Monologue Required Contest #7

8. "left nostril fleeeeeex- ahh, too much! hyper-extended...bring it baaaaaack aaaaaand there. Perfect...Hmmm is it hyper-extended or hypo-...?"
7. Tuxedo Jacket with blue jeans garish but i can pull it off,you on the other will buy these items and look like a bag of shit.
6. ( “ I knew the FLOWBEE® would launch my career! ” )
5. The Pursuit of Crappyness
4. I've been to the motherfuckin' mountaintop. It's retarded. Buy these clothes."
3. Am I doing the dagger eyes? Am I? Am I? I so want to go home and snuggle with Martin and drink mulled wine. I think I teared up. God, I lost the dagger eyes!
2. That's right, I'm the bad boy of hypnotism.
1. Oh fuck, did my ear pop again? Damn Gorilla Glue!