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Published: December 02, 2013

The Blue Man Group, a theatrical, out-of-the-box band has brought joy and creative style to all viewers ears and eyes. However, many have asked the group, “Who blue you?” Members of the group, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton have typically left the question up to intrigue until yesterday. VH1 aired an exclusive interview with the group as to the secrets behind the stage:

Reporter: “So you guys gotta tell me, who blue the Blue Man Group?”

Chris Wink: “I’ll take that one guys. Look, it’s really simple. Matt blue Phil, then Phil blue me and I blue Matt. It gets a little messy at the end, but one towel usually cleans up the mess.”

Phil Stanton: “It’s true. We probably wouldn’t even need a towel if Chris wasn’t so bad at it. One time he blue Matt for like 30 minutes. We almost had to delay the show.”

Chris Wink: “it’s not my fault. Matt is always is squirming around.”

Matt Goldman: “You guys are creeping me out.”

So there you have it Blue Man Group fans. The Blue Man Group blows each other… I mean blue each other. TPT signing out.

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