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June 30, 2017

An amazing gift gone completely to waste.

Life can be unfair sometimes, and good intentions don’t always produce good results.

Unfortunately that was the case for Leonardo DiCaprio, whose recent generous donation toward African wildlife preservation did not go as intended.

In addition to being one of the top actors in the world, DiCaprio is a well known for his humanitarian work and environmental activism. His passion for protecting natural lands and species led him to make a $250,000 donation to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

That sounds great, right? Well, after the quarter million dollar donation—in the form of large stacks of $100 bills—was delivered to the center of the refuge, within just a few minutes, it was viciously trampled, eaten, and ripped to shreds by a pride of endangered Southwest African lions.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s charitable gift went completely to waste.


The “Titanic and “The Wolf of Wall Street” star has yet to publicly comment on the developments, and we can imagine why! It’s definitely a heartbreaking moment for him—and everyone else—to see money for such a good cause get wasted so senselessly.

So sad. And such a waste of money.

But oh well, it was still a great gesture, and we’re sure this won’t deter Leo from future charity work through his foundation.

Hopefully it will be more effective next time! Still, this waste will be tough to forget.