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August 22, 2008


I would just like to say "hello" again to all  my good buddies  on FOD who have been contacting me these last few days. I've been so busy with so many of my acting, writing, and directing projects that it's pulled me away from my oh so  loving Funny Or Die Family. Never shall we be apart again...unless I'm busy-then you'll just have to fuckin' wait!

Want to say to say big thanks to my new friends at Strike TV for inviting me to join their group. I was honored to receive the invite and hope it was not a clerical error on their part...(still waiting for my invite to the FOD Team, wink, wink Ferrell and McKay)

Also thanks to my buddies in MT Burnt (Smokey Barrero, baby) for all the awesome comments and invites. I hope we can jam something together in the future. There may be a possible Bobby Upshaw Productions co-involvement there. I hope so and certainly am expressing my interest in such a project.

As for our first official project for FOD, some of you might've read in my comments that our crew has been held up by some technical problems. They should be cleared up shortly and then we will be on our way to FOD stardom (that depends heavily on the amount of FUNNY votes, so vote lovingly.)

My associate Mr. Upshaw is just as excited as I am to be as close as we are to shooting our first video. It's a great feeling and he and I are thrilled to be on the brink.

Also, I would be remiss (Hope I spelled that right) if I didn't say thanks to my pals at SED Productions who just keep cranking out the comcial hits. Also would love to do something with those Jersey Geniuses someday...

Anywho, that wraps it up for me. I will return here again next week and really wanted to pen this blog to say "hi" to anyone who tried reaching me and didn't hear a shout back in a while.

Take Care to you all and see you on the funny side- Your's Truly-Bobby