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October 09, 2008


I met a woman yesterday who was trying to buy a few easels to set up some photo diplays for her father's funeral. I was helping her to choose colours of background, and although she was visibly distraught, she commented that she might choose a more festive colour since it had been described to her that the funeral be a "celebration" of his life. So, I felt compelled to ask her if she really felt like "celebrating" or did she feel like being sad? She looked at me blankly, but the fact that she couldn't articulate it, answered my question. I told her that I had no idea why people feel compelled to eradicate sadness and anger and instead just blindly embrace "Barney Syndrome". The "Barney Syndrome" being that suffocating need of other people to manage your emotions as though they need be productive cogs in some sort of earthen wheel as opposed to being messy and heartfelt and destructive and everything else essentially human. I suggested she be as sad, as angry and as surly and unreasonable as she felt compelled to be, which of course, made her laugh. A release of genuine emotion was quite refreshing for us both. People used to have things to do, now we have absolutely no time to do anything properly, yet we can philosophize to the point of announcing official legislature demanding proper philosophy and "culture" right down to our designer toe rings. The thing is, in terms of relativity to the universe, we should always keep in mind that centrifugal forces require off sided balance. The more positivity we emit, the more negativity there is required to neutralize it. So, shiny faced, apple cheeked, sunny sky people are the beacons of re-enforced negativity. Thanks a lot you philosophical bullies. Nice job screwing us all over.