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August 04, 2008


hello once again everyone. yes yes it's been a while since i bloged last, but do not fear i'm back ....for the one person who cares anyways, *clears throat*. anyways how's life with you? life sucks on my end, but hey what can ya do about it, if ya aren't gonna do anything about it, ya know? yea ya know...right?...yea ya do.

still haven't made any vids as you can plainly see but i have a whole bunch of ideas just waiting to dazzle you, (ya that's right i said dazzle, so what, ya wanna fight about it?) ya i have a bad case of the dry humor but hey if you're not laughing, that's ok, hopefully someone else is. but hey i have one fan (which is a hell of a lot better than none, so i'm good)

well that's all i have for right now i leave you now laughing or wishing that i kept my mouth shut...i leave it to you