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June 22, 2015

Part of the expanded Game of Thrones universe, explore the reality TV in Westeros

House Hunters: Westeros

house hunter westeros.jpg

Episode Synopsis:
Housewife Myrna wants to be closer to the hustle and bustle of the city in King’s Landing, while her farmer husband can’t stand the smell of feces, and fears they’d be killed if they traveled farther than Winterfell. Will the two be able to come to a decision before Winter comes and they are murdered by the undead army? Find out on House Hunters: Westeros.

Chopped: Iron Throne Edition


Episode Synopsis:
Four amateur Westerosi chefs compete in surprise cooking challenges for a shot at the iron throne, but, in this very unique episode, no chef wins.

Jamie Lannister finds it difficult to cook with only one hand and doesn’t plate his food on time.

Daenerys’ ability to withstand fire doesn’t translate to her food and she burns her veal dish.

The Night’s King cuts his finger with a Valyrian steel knife and shatters into a million pieces.

The judges refuse to eat Jorah’s food after finding out he’s been touched by the stone men.

Shark Tank: Westeros

shark tank.jpg

Episode Synopsis:
A spying business is shot down by the sharks after the owner reveals he uses blood magic.

In the most unusual pitch in Shark Tank history, a brother and sister duo beg the sharks to buy them from their slave-master, or they will face certain death.

Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban battle over a Valyrian steel business, but the lack of a patent ultimately loses the deal.

All five sharks fight over the antidote for a fast-acting poison coursing through their veins.

Arya Stark’s oyster, clams, and cockles business intrigues the sharks, but her lack of business experience, and lust for revenge ultimately loses the deal.

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