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October 14, 2008


Saw the funniest thing on Olbermann last night.

Republican Sarah Palin was giving a speech at one of her "Palin for (vice) President" Rallies when I suppose there were some sound or technical problems. The people in the back couldn't hear her, and began chanting "LOUDER, LOUDER". Then for some reason, the people in front began chanting "SARAH, SARAH" at the same time.

In all the confusion, Palin said that she hoped the people in the back were brave enough to thank the soldiers for protecting their right to protest. Then she was pulled off to the side and told "No, they aren't protesting, they can't hear you".

Then there was the fact that she was boo-ed while dropping the puck at a Flyers/Rangers game. That was hilarious.

Then when she was found guilty of violating ethical conducts as Governor of Alaska, in one of her rare on the spot interviews, she said she was glad that she was cleared of the charges.

I kinda had the feeling that the choice of Sarah Palin was going to bite McCain in the ass.

Joe Biden does have his share of gaffes, but I think he has less of a negative reaction from people, and is less embarrassing than Palin's (He called Obama "Barack America", pretty funny, I thought).

Honestly, as someone who would like to have some sort of future in comedy, I hope Palin continues on the national stage, even if she isn't Vice President.