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August 01, 2014

Blake Lively's new lifestyle blog, "Preserve," is a complete rip off of a Louisiana taxidermist's yet-to-be-released blog. We explored the many similarities here.

The internet has been abuzz recently about the launch of Blake Lively’s new lifestyle blog, “Preserve.” What most people are not talking about, though, is the fact that she ripped the whole thing off (and not just because it’s one of a billion rich, white girl lifestyle blogs that the average person will never relate to). Unfortunately for Odilia Simoneaux, Louisiana taxidermist and blogger, now her lifestyle blog, also titled “Preserve,” which she planned to launch August 1, will never see the light of day.

While it seems hard to believe that a Los Angeles actress would ever “steal” a blog idea from a bayou taxidermist, the similarities, down to the details, are too glaring to ignore. For example, the two blogs have exactly the same layout and color scheme. Lively’s Preserve is macabre and evokes a sense that we’ll be exploring life through the eyes of Patrick Bateman (“American Psycho”):

Preserve_Blake Lively_Heading.png

Simoneaux’s Preserve is similarly dark, and makes you want to get up and check to make sure you’ve locked the door:

Preserve_Odilia Simoneaux_Heading.jpg

But it’s not just a comparable header that raises questions. Lively’s blog features a cleverly faux poetic letter from the editor that, if rearranged, could double as a serial killer confession. Lively begins, “Sitting down to write this editor’s letter has been the hardest thing I’ve done yet on my Preserve journey. I’m more intimidated than I should probably admit. I’m no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat.I am hungry, though…and not just for enchiladas.

Preserve_Blake Lively_Letter from the Editor.png

The kicker: Simoneaux’s letter from the editor is virtually the same, just about word for word, except instead of enchiladas, Simoneaux is apparently hungry for “crawfish”; and instead of Lively’s thought that “Everyone has a story to tell,” Simoneaux remarks that, “Everything, dead or alive, has a story to tell.”

Preserve_Odilia Simoneaux_Letter from the Editor.jpg

The further we explore the two sites, the craw-fishier Lively’s Preserve ends up looking. The blog content is just as revealing. A snapshot of three blog topics on Lively’s Preserve covers the subjects of “Kick Ass Baby Back Ribs,” New Orleans-inspired literature (“Read ‘Em and Weep”), and “The Art of Letter Writing.”

Preserve_Blake Lively_Blog Topics.png

We were able to take an eerily similar screenshot of Simoneaux’s Preserve blog content that, if you weren’t already, will have you truly doubting Lively’s inspiration for the whole deal.

Simoneaux’s blogs, accompanied by the exact same photos, are titled, “Kick Ass Recipes for the Rest of Him: what to do with the meat after you’ve stuffed your favorite animal;” “Read ‘Em and Weep: books that make you silently cry, kind of like when you look into the fake eyes of your mounted deer;” and “The Art of Letter Writing: how to express your feelings on those rare occasions when a dead animal gift isn’t enough to say thank you.” Convinced yet?

Preserve_Odilia Simoneaux_Blog Topics.jpg

Both Blake Lively and Odilia Simoneaux’s Preserve blogs feature an artfully shot video, or “short film,” rather, to help set the mood for the respective websites. While they differ slightly (Simoneaux’s is more on the stylized side), the resemblance is still uncanny.

Lively’s Preserve “short film”:

Simoneaux’s Preserve “short film”:

Ultimately, Simoneaux is just disappointed that she has to give up her newfound passion since Lively launched her blog first. “I’m not an idiot. I know who people will think copied whom. I just really wanted to showcase my work and lifestyle as a taxidermist, and wanted to highlight the taxidermy artisans in this country on a blog that looked appropriate for the subject matter. Also, when stuffing season is slow all the way out here, what else is a bayou girl supposed to do?”

After spending all this time exploring these two ragingly similar and disturbing websites, I’m off to bed. And tonight, you can be sure I’ll be sleeping with the light on.