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November 14, 2011

An open Letter to NBC

It has come to my attention that you have “shelved” one of the best shows on your network, Community (rated 8.9 on IMDB).

This. Is. Fucking. Un-Acceptable.

Yet, you continue to keep that much lesser, way less funnier show Whitney (rated 4.3 on IMDB) on your network. I often wonder, who exactly is in charge? Even Community’s WORST episode (to date all are great) is funnier, more poignant, than Whitney’s episodes combined.

Look at the ratings on IMDB. 8.9 for Community, 4.9 for Whitney. The viewers can’t be wrong.

I will give you five reasons why you made a mistake, and hopefully you’ll realize as such.

In it's short 2.5 seasons, Community has produced some of the most memorable episodes of any recent TV show. Here are five examples, from a very hard list:

Community’s 5 best episodes:

1. Introduction to Statistics” – Season 1, Episode 7  - The first Halloween Episode, and one that sold the absolute brilliance of both the cast and the show’s creators. 

2. Modern Warfare aka The Paintball Episode – Season 1, Episode 23  -This episode, literally gave me chills. It was well shot, acted. Everything. 

3. Aerodynamics of Gender – Season 2, Episode 7 - Um, Mean Girls spoof. DUH.

4. Epidemiology” – Season 2, Episode 6 - Everyone. Was. Zombies. EVERYONE.

5. Contemporary American Poultry” – Season 1, Episode 21  - Seen Goodfellas? Love Goodfellas? You’ll love this episode.

The funny thing about all of this, The show has not gotten worse, it’s GOTTEN BETTER. NBC, you continuously make questionable programming decisions, and this by far is one of your worst.

I warn you, if you touch Parks and Recreation, I’ll fucking burn your place down.