Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on The Martha Stewart Show last night to defend his sordid actions surrounding Facebook’s I.P.O., and to cook a Maple Cranberry-Glazed Turkey. Zuckerberg shared all his tips on how to make a turkey appear larger than it really is.
“The key is to fill the turkey with as much melted butter as possible,” Zuckerberg told the live studio audience. “Then when you take the turkey out of the oven, it looks double its actual size!” Zuckerberg winked at Stewart and continued, ”Just watch as your guests cut into the bird and it deflates faster than a kickball on a picket fence.”
Later, Stewart served Zuckerberg a piece of her famous Grey Velvet Pie, which caused the 28-year-old billionaire to well up, calling Stewart a “true inspiration to anyone wanting to rob the stock market blind.” “Martha’s like a mother to me,” he said. “I already mom-requested her on Facebook.”
In a kind and motherly way, Stewart finished off the program teaching Zuckerberg how to craft and decorate a prison shank.