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August 24, 2008


Summer is over, and yet I feel as if I didn't do a damn thing. I was busy, but when I look back I have to question what exactly did I do, was I really that busy? Regardless of that, the next few months are going to be jammed with a slew of projects for me to complete by the end of this year. Because the MSFF hinders me in the early part of next year. And yes, that means that the Milwaukee Short Film Festival will be back for an 11th year. But with many, many changes.  So, here's the 411 on what's happening.
11th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival is this coming Spring. We feel that'll be be more beneficial getting out of the Summer and the programs are being altered along with new potential hosts and new venues. So far there will be separate categories like Comedy, Drama, International etc, etc. More to follow shortly.
Then there is Naked Man news. Yes Kid Beat Box will finish it. There are two new chapters that I wrote and will direct. He asked me to go back to what I had originally done for the first installment, to get back to what works. Though, the other episode by Rex Sikes will be completed. We'll shoot in-between my off days from my main group, more on that later. Going back into this I feel that there's no need to just repeat what I did, I'd like to raise the bar content wise, be edgier. Some view these as kid friendly which I strongly disagree with, after all it is clearly about an insane man with no superpowers fighting crime naked. The man is delusional and nothing is being done to help him. Not really kiddy material. And yeah there's the swearing too. So, in his origin story I'm pushing it farther  than it has gone before, yet I hope it's still funny. Also, Naked Man might team up with another character from Funny or Die. Plans are being made and it might be best not to say anything further until it's done.
Finally, I can say more about this new group I'm in. I've joined with some very talented and funny people to do a series of short comedic films. We don't have a name yet, but we've got a wealth of material ready to begin shooting. I'm not the main writer, there isn't one. We just come up with ideas and get the scripts in shape. The best thing about this is that each person who brings in a concept has a different sense of humor, which will keep the group fresh. We got very broad stuff, more subtle and whimsical ideas, and things that are sweet and sour and dark. But I feel you'll all find these either very amusing or flat out funny. Every actor and writer will be given the opportunity to direct if they wish and by my count I think there are around 16 concepts in all, so far. We'll upload weekly, like a regular series and hope for the best. And, making these more like short films will give us the option of entering into film festivals. Some names you'll see are Robert W.C. Kennedy from Give Until It Hurts, John Van Slyke from The Dirty Job, Michael Moynihan the writer of Happiness Is A Long Shot, and newcomers from local theatre, mostly from Combat. Dan Katula, Jason Powell, Felix Bofil, Jocelyn Ridgely and Libby Amato. Expect to hear a lot more about this in the weeks to come.