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March 09, 2010


I've been having slight ideas for jokes to be developed on. I'm sure some of it isn't funny, but I just like laying down some circumstances that can be played upon. So I guess I'll start like Abbie Hoffman...FUCK!!

-Gas Station Clerk. Zit faced, 18, sheltered style.
Standing at the register, taking customer after customer, until an old ass motherfucker walks in with stollering oxygen tank in hand, puts his talk box up to his tracheotomy hole in his neck as ruffley gruffs     "Marlboro Reds in a box"
(what the fuck would you do?)

-Slapping someone in the face with a pie.....a pizza pie. Equally melty burn face. (Like a bad April Fools joke)

-Frosty the Blowman. Or Smack Frost.
The good ol' Frosty the Snowman with a weed/coke/crack/heroin dealing snowman that sells drugs to middle schoolers and homeless people instead.

-A group of homeless people (7 or 8)
they all chip in for  1 meal and give the waiter shit for not giving them enough free breadsticks. since they're at a Fazoli's or Olive Garden.

-You know how people unscrew a salt shaker just enough to fall out all over when someone uses it next...you know? Well instead of salt, have it be baby formula in a baby bottle and pour all over the babies face. Or in a science lab, unscrew some sort of crazy acid and when the otehr scientists uses it, it dumps all over his arm and melts it instantly.

BTW if these jokes are stolen from me or I may have stolen them accidently sorry.
I dont like copyrights.
I like feedback. Let me know