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July 05, 2010


This blog will bring you up to speed on what I think of the current crop of movies that are available in theaters.
1-"The Last Airbender": Rated PG. I saw this one in 3-D today. The 3-D glasses really impressed me. They are no longer made out of disposable cheap cardboard. No,these are professional looking glasses made out of high impact plastic. Too bad I had to turn them back in at the end of the movie. I enjoyed the movie but felt that not enough 3-D effect was used. Roger Ebert said in his blog that too many scenes looked dark. There were not that many dark scenes in Airbender and I felt that the ones included were necessary to the plot of the movie. Violence was at a minimum and the entire family should enjoy this film. Go for it! I give it a 3 star *** rating!
2-"Killers": Rated PG-13. This movie took a beating by the critics but I got a kick out of watching it. Katherine Heigl never looked prettier and Ashton Kutcher did a good job as her love interest/secret agent. Look for Tom Selleck as Katherine's protective father. I'm rating Killers with 3 stars ***.
3-"Jonah Hex": Rated PG-13. In my opinion,this should of been rated R. There is lots of violence in it and I suggest that only those over 17 go see it.  Josh Brolin turns in a fine performance as the hero out to find the one that murdered his family. And John Malkovich does a great job as the evil Quentin Turnbull that Jonah Hex is hunting. Megan Fox plays a sexy hooker who helps Jonah in his hunt for Turnbull. For 80 minutes of action and excitement, go see this one. My rating is 3 stars***.
4-"Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time": Rated PG-13. Oh,yeah! Another swashbuckler with a paranormal twist that you would expect to find in an Indiana Jones movie. The special effects and action was enough for me to recommend it even though the plot is a little thin. Another 3 star *** rating.
5-"The A-Team": Rated PG-13. I loved the TV series and now I love this movie version! It is over two hours of chases,explosions,and anarchy! My kind of movie! I love it when a plan comes together! I'm rating it a solid 3 stars ***! Don't miss it!
6-"Knight and Day": Rated PG-13. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz hold a film together that never should of been made. Is this a comedy or a spy story? I never did figure it out. But these two work so well together that it doesn't matter if the plot sucks. And it sucks big time! This movie is so bad that it's good. Got it? The DVD video release has got to be great with a gag reel and deleted scenes included. I hope! Anyway,go see this little gem while it is still in theaters. I doubt Cruise will want to do a sequel! Amazingly, I'm giving this flick 3 stars***.
----The movie I have no interest in:
"Eclipse": Hey,I know what you are thinking. I bet every female on Earth will stand in long lines at the box office to see this one. Personally, I prefer my vampires to look like they have been around for several hundred years.
----Movies I am waiting to see:
"Predators": Adrien Brody finds himself and other humans on another planet being hunted by the alien race known as Predators. Yikes!
"Inception": A paranormal movie of the scary kind. Oh,boy!
"The Sorcerer's Apprentice": Nicolas Cage turns teacher with amazing results!
"Salt": Angelina Jolie is a federal agent in an action yarn with plenty of twists and turns.
"The Expendables": Every action star you can think of is in this one from Arnold,to Sylvester,to...well, you get the idea. The TV ads have been awesome!
That's all for now.
I'll see you at the movies and save the isle seat for me!