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October 14, 2015

Cleaning is not all about scrubbing and rubbing and these ridiculous commercials prove it.

Whether they put an astronaut in a supermarket or shows what it takes to clean the glasses in Amsterdam’s red light district, these commercials are purely innovative and creative. These ads brought together by Cleaning Services Cleaners, turn the tedious household tasks into pure fun, revealing the hilarious side of the daily cleaning.

1. Swiffer Wet Jet – Pure Romance

You’ve been in a long term relationship with your old mop and you feel it’s time break up? You can now dump it for a better product. Don’t worry, your old mop will find a bowling ball to hang around. Or at least this is what the Swiffer Wet Jet commercial. In the opening we see a woman cleaning with a brand new wet jet, while the old mop stares with sadness. However, it soon finds a new “love” in the face of bawling ball.

2. Vim – The Cleaning Prison

The situational irony is the key element of this commercial. Grim colours, serious music and a dramatic scene between a mother and daughter, separated from a glass door. Every detail aims to persuade the audience that the woman is in prison. There is a little plot twist at the end that reveals that the mother is actually scrubbing the bathtub. The scene perfectly illustrates the slogan of the product – “Don’t spend your life cleaning”.

3. Bounty Kitchen Roll Amsterdam – Cleaning Windows is No Longer a Pain In The Glass

This funny add takes us to Amsterdam where the two cross-dressers Brandy and Audrey tackle the filth on the plate-glass window in the red light district. Brandy shows us that the kitchen roll is ideal for streaks-free glasses.

4. Attitude Cleaning Pro – Astronaut in a Supermarket

The Eco – conscious brand choose a simplistic yet intriguing way to advertise its household products. We see a person in an astronaut suit in a quite unconventional setting - a supermarket. The astronaut reaches for a regular product, but then switches to Attitude.

5. Dirt Devil- Funny and Frightening

The legitimately scary parody of the movie “The Exorcist” will surely give you shivers. Although the commercial is only 30 seconds, it is well – detailed and brilliantly executed. In a spooky night, a priest visits the home of a possessed woman. The revelation at the end of the ad is absolutely shocking and unexpected.

6. LG Kompressor Plus Suction – Vacuum the Fats Away

The superior suctioning properties of this vacuum cleaner are represented in an unconventional way. The commercial shows a bikini model posing while an assistant is using the LG Kompressor to keep her slim. When the machine is turned down, the amazing suctioning power is revealed.

7. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Erase The Annoying Things From Your Life

Cleaning is not a favourite activity, especially of men. The guy in the ad doesn’t make an exception, but he finds an easier way to clean the house. With the help of the magic eraser he removes all the dirt and stains. When his girlfriend is still unhappy and starts arguing, he uses the eraser to put an end to the annoying conversation.