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July 21, 2014

A written transcript from 'Bones' 2014 Comic Con Panel with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.


Moderator: Alright and that concludes our Comic-Con 2014 ‘Bones’ panel. We’ll now open the floor to a Q&A with stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.


Audience: Hi, guys. Thanks so much for coming out today. I just had a quick question — what is Bones?

Emily Deschanel: I’m not sure what you mean.

Audience: Sorry. Maybe you already explained this. I just … I don’t …what is Bones about?

David Boreanaz: It’s about the relationship between a forensic anthropologist and an FBI Special Agent.

Audience: No, that doesn’t sound right.

David Boreanaz: It is.

Audience: Wow. That is not what I thought. OK.

Moderator: Next question?

Audience: This is a follow up to the last question — Are you sure?

Emily Deschanel: We’re sure.

::audience member shrugs and walks away::

Moderator: You in the front had your hand up?

Audience: My question was just answered.

Moderator: Your question was “Are you sure?”

Audience: I just assumed it was about something else.

Moderator: OK, let’s move on then. Maybe something from a fan. You?

Audience: Hi, Emily. Hi, David. What’s it like being reunited after all these years?

Emily Deschanel: Our show is still on.

Audience: Like syndication?

David Boreanaz: We’re about to start our 10th season.

Audience: Stop it.

David Boreanaz: Really.

Audience: Stop it.

Moderator: Anyone else?

Audience: Hi. I was wondering in the episode where Scully finds out she’s pregnant, Mulder at first says—

David Boreanaz: Are you asking us about the X-Files?

Audience: Is Bones not the X-Files?

Emily Deschanel: Bones is Bones.

::Audience member gives “If you say so” eyes::

Moderator: Let’s move to the guy in the back. Please make this about the show.

Audience: My question is for Bones.

Emily Deschanel: What can I do for you?


Emily Deschanel: Yes.

Audience: Get the fuck out.

Emily Deschanel: I won’t.

Audience: Oh. OK, then I guess my question is for … Not-Bones? Not-Bones, do you know where the men’s room is?

David Boreanaz: ::sighing:: Back hallway, first left.

Audience: Thank you, Angel.

Moderator: OK, I think we have time for one more.

Audience: This is for Bash—

Emily: We’re not Franklin and Bash. You know what, we’re done here.

Moderator: Stick around for our next panel — Suits!

Audience: Isn’t that what this just was?