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July 24, 2014

There's a reason why Hillary Clinton should never be president, and this is why.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, if Hillary Clinton ever becomes president, she’ll only be a sex object to me. Just look at this picture below of her.


She is beautiful. Look at the way BOTH of her eyes look to the right when she is looking to the right. She’s smiling at me right now. Do you think other people could take this person seriously as a president of the free world? Congress is controlled by about 16% of women. That means the 84% of Congress is going to get a hard-on when dealing with this babe. International leaders too.

What we need is someone who looks like this, instead:

German Prime Minister.jpg

Look at this f***ing ugly woman. Angela Merkel is disgusting. She’s a monster. This is someone men could deal with in negotiations. It looks like she got punched in the face by the OBGYN right as her head popped out. That’s the way I like my women to look–in business or politics. Just like this.

So, until we find a suitable female candidate with the right qualification to be president, I will not be voting in the next election.

Raymond Wyatt
Mr. Wyatt lives at 04431 Gunter St, Houston, TX, 77020 for now.