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November 04, 2011

NSFW but judging by how many people hit up the Smörgåsboobs article I'm sure everyone will be hitting up this article about Occupying Kim's Ass

If you are a part of the 99% tired of Housewives that aren’t really housewives, Basketball Wives that aren’t wives, fist pumping Guidettes that aren’t Guidettes and keeping up with the Kardashams!  Join us as we Occupy Kim’s Ass.

Time to stop the 1% that infiltrate your house.  That even if you don’t tune in you know they’re lurking just around the corner; that all it takes is one wrong push on the remote and you’ve stumbled upon the nightmare that you don’t want to watch but somehow you’re sucked into.   Watching while they have million dollar weddings, 72-day marriages, drink wine all day at faux charity events, throw tables at fancy restaurants, and get an all-expense paid trip to Italy.  Sick of the 1% pooping on your reality show dreams.  Then this Occupy is for you!  When: Whenever!  Where: Kim’s derrière!