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February 13, 2009


Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words...  Some of these are worth millions.

I was at the New York Comic Con last weekend.  Here are just a few pics of what I saw there.

This is some Space Woman with requisite nipples on her Space Suit. 

I know the red guy is Ultraman.  No idea who the rest of these guys are.

Spiderman with The Black Cat and the Black Cat and the Black Cat.  What a lucky Arachnid.

Trekkies.  They were really cool.  Totally in Character the whole time and SUPER excited to be at Comic Con.

Fry and Leela from Futurama, and I believe that is Thor, God of Thunder to the Left.

THE HULK!!!!!  This guy's costume was about nine feet tall.  He was on stilts and had a voice modulator to give him a Hulh voice.  Coolest costume of the day.

Not all comic geeks are pimply overweight troll-like people that live in their parent's basements. 
I.E. - I have grown up to own my own basement!  Then there are these girls too.  I bet they don't have to live in the basement with their comic collections...

And finally, below was a great costume, the Imp from the fifth dimension Bat-Mite.

I had a great time at the show.  I look forward to it again next year.  My wife even came.  She had a blast.  We saw a preview of the Watchmen, Friday the 13th, The new show Dollhouse, etc.

If you guys like these pics, let me know.  I have many more.