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April 27, 2012

He doesn't always watch football, but when he does, he watches the Steelers.

He is the Most Interesting Fan in the World: Sombrero Man

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I don’t always tailgate, but when I do, I tailgate with Sombrero Man.

He led the league in touchdowns, without stepping on the field. He returns his own punts. He blocked his own field goal, just because. The Patriots have a home game dedicated to him.
During the Immaculate Reception, the referees asked his opinion. Ray Lewis paid him $10,000 to serenade his mother. If you test his blood, you’ll find Steel City Beer in the syringe. He was Terrell Suggs's favorite professor at Ball So Hard University. When he goes to church, people worship him.
He led a humanitarian mission to Cincinnati to teach them how to spell Lombardi Trophy. He has a winter cabin in Brett Keisel’s beard. At his presence, Ravens fans cower, Bengals fans piss themselves, and Browns fans – who am I kidding, there aren’t any Browns fans.
Mike Tomlin goes to his house on draft day. He is, the Most Interesting Fan in the World.
By Tico the Steeler Dog