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April 15, 2009


I sent Cody to his friend Troy’s house and less than an hour later he was back home. Apparently, this all according to Troy’s mom, Janika, Cody took it upon himself to round up some other kids in the neighborhood and play a secret game in Janika’s tool shed. If the game had a name it would be “stand in the middle of the circle, take off your pants, spin around”. From her guestimation, they were in there for a good thirty minutes, 6 of them, all boys except for little Annie Lukke, who I assume made the cut because she recently cut her own hair, making her look like a boy and confusing Cody. I told Janika we are having tests run on Cody to see if he’s autistic. I explained to her that kids with autism often times can’t make moral decisions. I’ll never have to prove it, but spreading this autism rumor may keep Cody from ending up dead on a barbed wire fence because of obviously gay behavior.