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October 28, 2015

Take a look at these creative design ideas and make your kitchen more fun and looking marvelous.

Why not Shake Your Kitchen With Crazy Style and Colours

Hey you, do you want to make your kitchen stunning? And do you want to amaze anyone who enters your house? Whether you have to design your new home, or you just want to refresh it, you are on the right track. Here are the most simple and creative design ideas on how to make your kitchen more fun and looking marvelous.

6 Crazy and Stylish Kitchen Design Ideas

Is now your kitchen painted in gray or white? That’s a huge no go. Freshen things up and choose a new colour, anywhere from jungle green or burnt orange to a piercing teal shade.

1. This kitchen is clean and simple, but exploding with its personality and the cold colour which makes it elegant.


2. Balancing the new and old design. Choose the combination of wood and marble in your kitchen and you’ll be amazed.


3. Purple, black and some colourful accents will give your kitchen a classic look.


4. Green cabinets will complement nature’s green outside. Also, the kitchen will be vibrant and relaxed with that colour. From jungle green to bright teal, this open kitchen makes for a fun feel.


5. These shades between turquoise and green bring some playful warmth inside.


6. You can make it warmer by using just wood, orange and red tones.


Antique Kitchens

Antique designs have very distinctive features. Whether a fresh remodel or an authentic restoration, this style has an uniqueness that brings a sense of beauty to any traditional home.


The truth about this style is that is more choosy and it will be harder for you to create it by yourself. So if you need kitchen renovations help you can go for a company that specialises in that area and give your home the antique style you want. Quite recently my kitchen was designed by a local company in Melbourne and I couldn’t be happier with it. And take in mind that the old dishes, artwork, chandeliers, and chairs will give your kitchen a sense of history, and undoubtedly will turn your home into a work of art.

I also very much like the French country kitchen styles, because that refined style symbolizes the character and beauty of rural France. You can achieve that French look by simply using earth and natural materials. The design creates the perfect environment for comfortable living and cooking.


Open-plan Kitchen

Today the kitchen is the place where all family relaxes, cooks, entertains, eats, and gathers. The open-kitchen allows to cook and to be part of the action in the same time when doing things together.
This kitchen style lets in more light and provides easy access to the garden.


Modern Luxe

Till now I emphasized more on the old-style kitchens, but if you support the modern design, this is the perfect solution for you.
The elements that you need are marble and gold. This way you’ll add a touch of glam to uber-modern design.